Gunnebo RLP Rotating Lifting Points

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Gunnebo Grade 10 Rotating Lifting Points


 Rotating Lifting Point RLP

The patented new design of the RLP makes it suitable also in applications where a conventional lifting point would not be fully adequate. Intended to be used as a lifting point, lashing point or towing attachment.

  • Dismountable open D-ring. Enables assembly of roundsling,
    master link, link or hook directly onto the RLP.
  • Hexagon-headed screw for easy assembly/disassembly by
    means of an ordinary wrench.
  • RLP can rotate 360and articulate 180o.
  • Forged in Grade 10 material permits higher WLL than Grade 8
    and DIN 580 eyebolts.

Longer bolt can be supplied on special request.

** The WLL of the RLP may be double in case of 1-leg
      applications provided only axial loading takes place, i.e.
      no bending force applied in the direction of the thread